How Solar Works

How Solar works

The first step in going solar is to sign up for a completely FREE home energy assessment. This no obligation consultation is done at your home on your time. During this appointment, we’ll break down the cost and fees of your electric bill as well as learn about your current and future energy needs. We’ll cover some common questions, answer any questions you might have, show you a digital design of your solar system, and most importantly go over your savings. If your home or business is a good fit for solar, then your personal solar expert will help with the next steps of qualifying your home or business. Whether you are looking to purchase, lease, or opt in to a power purchase agreement (PPA), Cascade Power takes the stress out of the installation process. We obtain the permits and approve final designs while keeping you up to date every step of the way. When the system is ready for installation, you get to choose your install date which is typically a one day job. From there you just sit back and watch your energy bill decrease and the value of your property increase!

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Is solar right for me?

Powering your home or business with solar is an effective way to reduce your utility costs and carbon footprint. Every solar system reduces thousands of tons of CO2 emissions over the life of the system. Regardless of how you go solar, your home will increase in value and appeal to future buyers. Going solar is a smart way to take ownership of your energy and free yourself of utility companies that raise their rates yearly. It is of common belief that most would not qualify for solar based on finances, but there are many options with no upfront cost and in some cases not even a credit check! The most effective way of finding the right solar solution is to schedule a home energy assessment. Each home or business is going to need a unique design based on the energy usage and direction of the panels. Solar is not a one size fits all product. By the time you do your research, we’ll have all the information in front of you that is specific to your home or business. Cascade Power makes the process of going solar easy and delivers the information in a way that is simplified and retainable. We’ve made it effortless to learn about how solar can impact your life, environment, and energy bill! To understand your break-even point for a solar purchase and determine how long it will take for you to get a return from your solar system, we recommend visiting the FTC’s website on solar and use their solar calculator for your specific area. If for some reason solar just isn’t right for you, you can rest assured that there is NO cost and NO obligation with our assessments; our experts will always shake your hand on the way out as friends. We’re passionate about what we do and we love to educate people on the different ways of connecting their home or business to the sun!

Free Energy Assessment

Free Energy Assessment