About Us

Cascade Power is a solar energy consulting team that offers Sunrun, SunPower, and Sunnova to give every option for residential solar. Our partnerships combine world-record setting technology with Cascade Power’s brand of craftsmanship and personal attention to detail.

We believe that going solar should be headache and hassle-free. That’s why we supply the solar panels, and take care of all the installation and maintenance, with no upfront cost.

The concept of harnessing energy from the sun is simple, but the process of converting your home can be confusing and often times overwhelming. This is especially the case when all solar companies appear to sell the same equipment, offer the same incentives and say they are the best in the industry.

In situations like this, Cascade Power can help act as your guide to finding the right solar solution to help fit your needs and your budget. It is our goal to simplify the process of connecting your home to the power of the sun.

Free Energy Assessment

Free Energy Assessment