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We’re here to solve your solar needs

Residential or commercial solar can help

We’ve seen the story time and time again. One of the primary reasons our clients come to us is because they are tired of unpredictable demand charges and insurmountable electric bills. If this sounds familiar, we have one of the best guarantees in the industry.

Residential or commercial solar can help
No upfront cost, the power is yours

Myth: The investment is too much

Reality: Some people think that because solar has a high price tag it’s too expensive. The truth is buying power from the utility company is more expensive. If you opt into a Power Purchase Agreement with Cascade Power you’ll be buying less expensive power from day 1 without spending anything upfront. If you take out a no money down loan. You can have a cheaper monthly loan payment than what you’re paying your utility company.

What makes us different?

Whether it’s with our clients, our solar contractors, or our employees, Cascade Power has always been about relationships.

Like paths diverging in the woods, Sasha and Ramsey have been friends since high school, but led different career pathways to get where they are today. Sasha found a career in wealth management with Morgan Stanley. Ramsey began his career in solar, where he was quickly promoted to upper management for one of the largest solar companies in the United States. When Ramsey realized his solar sales were helping his clients in more ways than one, he painted the picture for Sasha. With years of experience in finance, Sasha quickly realized that if he partnered with Ramsey, they could help manage the wealth and home value of their clients, while also empowering homeowners in California to reduce their carbon footprint. Hence, Cascade Power was born. Since that day, Sasha and Ramsey have eliminated millions of tons of carbon dioxide. While supplying satisfied homeowners with reliable solar installations.